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Young Alumni Challenge

Thank you to all our young alumni who joined the YAC!

Your support makes the difference.


This year, the Challenge brought in $16, 562, including gifts from 226 young alumni donors.


Each gift, of any size, allows ASN to deepen its work toward our mission. Thank you, Challenge participants, for contributing to ASN's misison!

 The Presidents' Young Alumni Match

Thanks to the generosity of former Board Presidents David Ralston and Becky Cates and current President Patrick Cain, all new and increased gifts totaling up to $10,000 from members inducted since 2002 will be matched 1-1.


|  How the Match works  |

Make your first gift to ΑΣΝ, and the entire donation will be matched 1-1. Double it! $25 becomes $50, $50 becomes $100.

Increase your gift from last year, and your increased amount will be matched 1-1. If you gave $10 last year and give $20 this year, your $10 increase will double, making your gift $30.

If you've given previously but did not give last year, your entire new gift toward the Challenge will be matched 1-1.


If you were inducted between 7/1/2002 and today, this Young Alumni Challenge is for you!

20,000+ alumni since 2002


$5, $10, $25+ gifts 


Presidents' Match


$25,000 Challenge GOAL


If that's you, join in by clicking this button!   


Keeping induction fees affordable for future students, funding scholarships at every Chapter, encouraging service projects, funding student & alumni programming...


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